Great Elden Ring mod brings Hogwarts legacy broom flying and magic to the Midlands.

Great Elden Ring mod brings Hogwarts legacy broom flying and magic to the Midlands.

Great Elden Ring mod brings Hogwarts legacy broom flying and magic to the Midlands.

Presenting the next Elden Ring play, The Magic of Flight.

At the end of this 50 hour replay of Hogwarts Legacy(opens in a new tab), I finished tackling the Merlin Trials(opens in a new tab) and destroying the poachers, but yeah, one thing i never get bored of. is to jump into my game . broom and go play. It is rare to have a sandbox game that allows us to move quickly in all directions without encountering obstacles. It's the dose of freedom that inspires. Which may be why Elden Ring's invention team was quick to bring the magic of Hogwarts heritage to the land in between.

A mod team called Garden of Eyes released a pack of Hogwarts Heritage themed mods last week to Patreon supporters (opens in a new tab) (as discovered by Kotaku (opens in a new tab). The current version of the mod includes: 7 spells straight from the game (including the unforgivable curse) sleepy Harry Potter costume Weapons wands, cold brew and, of course, flying brooms.

Judging by the demo video above. The broom really works as advertised. It looks like you'll summon and control a broom the same way you would a normal Torrent, except you can tilt and fly through the sky. My first question after seeing the Harry Potter (Harold Plopper?) discount soaring through Limgrave was, would the gift of flight kill any sense of danger in the Elden Ring? Hogwarts Legacy The broom also lets you choose your battles and the order in which you explore the world, which sounds good, a good premise. For playing the second or third Elden Ring

I bet the boss battles will be even more exciting with Vertical: The video shows how Starsscourge Radahn (one of the Elden Ring's best boss fights) will attempt to trap the Air Mage from their brooms. he

Added spells also look neat. Especially the Crucio curse, which stuns enemies by causing them to lie down, and the Accio spell, which pulls targets towards you. Elden Ring's much more interesting nilla, which includes invoking the full moon. (Opens in a new tab) and throws at enemies.

Garden of Eyes plans to expand the Hogwarts Elden Ring mod, but with some conditions: if the intro video above gets 15,000 likes, the mod promises to add more spells, brooms, and characters. he will add "A complete Quidditch mini-game", an achievement that even Hogwarts Legacy can't match.

You have access to this mod as well as the full list of Garden of Eyes Elden Ring mods (including the equally impressive God of War pack).

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