How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

In a world that wants to kill you, Virginia is a helpful hand.

If a woman with three legs and three arms appears to you in Sons of the Forest, don't shoot. That's Virginia, the only person we've found in the game who doesn't want to kill us (other than our best boy, Kelvin (opens in new tab)). Fans have been curious about Virginia since she first appeared in trailers, and like just about everything in Sons of the Forest, her role in the game is n't spelled out.

As long as you don't get off on the wrong foot, Virginia can become an ally. A pretty powerful ally, actually. She can put that extra arm of hers to use by wielding two guns at the same time, defending your camp against invading mutants and cannibals.

It's also possible to scare her off or even kill her, but that'd be a mistake. Surviving is hard enough in Sons of the Forest without making more enemies. Here's how to make Virginia an ally (permanently, as far as we can tell in the first days of Sons of the Forests' release).

Sons of the Forest: How to befriend Virginia

From what we've gathered from our experiences in the Sons of the Forest and reports from other players, the best thing you can do to befriend Virginia is to stay away from her. Virginia will find you at some point in the game, and when she does, put away your weapons and do not approach her. Just let her observe and leave at her leisure. She won't attack.

Virginia will return (as many as four or six times) as he slowly gets comfortable around you. Eventually, she she'll give you the gift of aloe and it's around that time that she she'll start hanging around your camp.

Similarly to Kelvin, Virginia will relax by the campfire and generally mind his own business. You ca n't, unfortunately, issue commands to her like you can to Kelvin, but you can equip her with different clothes and even give her guns that she's not at all afraid to use.

Youtuber MyUsualMe has published a video showing what it looks like once you've decked out Virginia with weapons and armor. He apparently becomes quite the unstoppable force, able to easily put down a half-dozen cannibals with a 9mm pistol without breaking a sweat. Now that's the kind of friends I want on my side when marooned on the freakiest island on earth.

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