How to Command Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

How to Command Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

How to Command Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Jungle is finally seeing the light of day, and with over 250,000 online players at launch, it's the perfect start for an Indie gaming company as they have purchased the second installment of the "The Jungle" game. Currently the game is available on Steam and we're having a great time exploring the island.

Kelvin is a survivor who landed on the island with you and you'll be able to track him down because he'll be the only one on the beach screaming. You recognize his name from the badge on his shirt. He doesn't speak even though he hasn't been harmed since the first time he saw her. Especially if you give him proper commands, he will be your valuable companion throughout the game.

So this article will guide you on how to command Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

How to Command Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

How to Give Commands to Kelvin in Sons of the Jungle

You can see Kelvin as soon as you hit the island. Kelvin is a survivor and you can choose whether you want to interact with him. When you interact with him, you will find a stream of blood gushing down from his ears and he is unresponsive. So we have to find a different way to communicate with him.

Kelvin relies on the notebook to answer all your commands. When you meet him, initially follow me, Get Item, etc.

Although we recommend that you follow her until she finds and establishes a base camp, you can then order her to start looking for supplies or to set up the foundations of the camp, such as resting place and eating place. You can ask her to clean the environment, bring logs, fish and most things necessary for survival.

You will be able to change the orders you give to Kelvin by pressing the E key. Press as you approach Kelvin; The ledger opens and you can select his orders. You'll also find Kelvin resting after you've finished your assignment, and if you find her relaxed, don't worry, she'll be back to work soon.

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