How to Craft a Spear in Sons Of The Forest

How to Craft a Spear in Sons Of The Forest

How to Craft a Spear in Sons Of The Forest

Craft Spear sons of the forest – As with any survival game, you will need something to defend yourself against enemies. The same is true in the game "Sons of The Forest" where you will have to craft weapons to defend yourself in the early game. One of those early game weapons that you should instantly craft is a spear, among others. Crafting a spear can be a bit tricky if you're new to the game, so in this Frontech article, we'll walk you through how to craft a spear in Sons of the Forest. Here we are:

How to Craft a Spear in Sons Of The Forest

How to Craft a Spear in Sons of The Forest

At the start of the game, your very first lootable site would be the helicopter crash site. You need to peek around and grab every loot you find. These lootables can then help a lot in crafting materials. You'll also end up finding a lot of stuff in the wild, but to make things easier, we suggest you analyze the crash site as deeply as possible.

Then the first thing you should look for near the crash site is the following, which could be used to craft a spear. Here they are:

  • 2x Sticks
  • 1x knife
  • 1x adhesive tape

How to Craft a Spear in Sons Of The Forest

Sticks can be found all over the place, and the easiest way to get them is to just peek at the surrounding ground. If you're lucky enough, you might run into some sticks. Otherwise, don't worry. There is a sure way to get sticks. When you open the emergency kit/package at the very beginning of the game, you will find an ax inside. Equip it and head to any small tree nearby and press E, which will harvest wood for you. A normal tree would yield between 2 and 5 sticks, so one tree should probably suffice!

You'll find a knife in the survival kit that you open in your inventory at the start of the game. This item is not consumable when crafting the spear, so don't worry about losing it!

Duct Tape can be easily found at the helicopter crash site. What also makes them quite noticeable if you come across one is that they are blue in color. You can't miss them!

Once you have all these items, open your inventory by pressing I. Now hover your mouse over the bottom right of your screen. You will notice your Sticks there. To use the stick in a recipe, right click on it to combine. The knife, you'll find it sitting right next to the axe. You'll find the tapes at the bottom of your inventory.

Once you have everything in place, the inventory gear should start rotating. Left-click on it to craft your spear.

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