Cities: Skylines 2 will feature hailstorms, rat infestations and 150 maps in a single city

Cities: Skylines 2 will feature hailstorms, rat infestations and 150 maps in a single city

Cities: Skylines 2 will feature hailstorms, rat infestations and 150 maps in a single city

The original game lets you build on 9 blocks, and a mod unlocked all 81. Cities: Skylines will let you build on 150. Sounds great.

One of the biggest shortcomings in 2015's city builder, Cities: Skylines, was the number of map tiles players could build on. The space to build on a map was a grid of 5x5 blocks (25 in total), and of those available blocks, players could only unlock a total of nine to build their cities.

Only nine! At least in the beginning.

Modders were quick to remove this restriction, allowing all of the map's tiles (which were 9x9) to be built, making a total of 81 tiles.

Cities: Skylines 2 was announced (opens in a new tab) today, and it looks like modders can retreat: The maps in Cities: Skylines 2 will let you unlock a whopping 150 map tiles, a huge leap forward from the original game. Granted, we don't know the size of these pieces, so they might be smaller than the original. But it still feels like a lot more room to build without having to install a mod.

This information comes from the list of Xbox achievements for Cities: Skylines 2, which was also released today (perhaps accidentally). Various sites like Xboxachivements (opens in new tab) and Trueachievements (opens in new tab) are displaying the full list of 40 achievements, which combine to award 1,000 points to your gamerscore.

One of these achievements, "Everything the Light Touches", awards 50 points for unlocking 150 maps in a single city. Based on the name of the achievement, it sounds to me like it's the entire map, and the amount of points awarded makes it feel like it's some kind of cheevo at the end of the game. Rest assured, if there are more map blocks in an area that you can't build on, modders will find a way to unlock those too.

Among the rest of the achievements, there are many achievements that seem routine, such as building an airport, creating a district, having various numbers of citizens and happiness ratings, unlocking all the buildings in the game, and such. But there are some more interesting ones:

"Things aren't getting better" - Experience a Rat Infestation
"Golf Ball Size!" - Experience a hailstorm
"You little stalker!" - Follow a citizen's life path from childhood to old age

Boy, rats and sleet? Are we sure this is not a survival city builder? I think the rat problem could be an event if you have sanitation issues or garbage buildup or sewer issues in your city, and hail sounds interesting because unlike rain or snow it can cause damage to buildings or vehicles . There are also more classic disasters like tornadoes and wildfires shown in achievements.

As for following a citizen's "life path" from childhood to old age, well, I've done that (opens in new tab). But it might be fun to do it again in Cities: Skylines 2. Here's the complete list of achievements (opens in a new tab).

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