Counter-Strike 2 release date rumors, details and more

Counter-Strike 2 release date rumors, details and more

Counter-Strike 2 release date rumors, details and more

It seems we've been talking about CS:GO 2 forever, but it looks like we know when we'll finally get the Counter-Strike 2 release date.

When is the Counter-Strike 2 release date? For years, rumors of an updated version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive powered by a new engine have been circulating. While a CS:GO Source 2 update may seem like an empty dream to many, it now seems almost inevitable.

For the past few months, the CS:GO Source 2 rumor mill has been garnering attention with credible sources pointing to its existence. So when is the Counter-Strike 2 release date and what can we expect from it – and the CS:GO rankings – when we get hands-on? Here is everything you need to know.

Counter-Strike 2 release date speculation

According to a report from Richard Lewis, the release date of Counter-Strike 2 will likely coincide with the beta, which will be held in March 2023.

The game, which has been in development for a while, seems to follow the same launch schedule as Dota 2 Reborn, the update that brings Dota 2 to the Source 2 engine. Therefore, Counter-Strike 2 is likely to be released as a beta, and players will have the option to play the new version or CS:GO. After some time, when extensive testing is done in Counter-Strike 2, the entire game should be presented, completely replacing CS:GO. This is likely to happen later in 2023.

The release date speculation came just weeks after fans noticed that NVIDIA had added driver support for two new executables: csgo.2.exe and cs2.exe.

Counter-Strike 2 release date rumors, details and more

Counter Strike 2 engine

It sounds obvious, but Counter-Strike 2 will run on the Source 2 engine. This is the same engine that Dota 2, Dota Underlords, and Half-Life: Alyx run on.

CS:GO is currently running on the original Source engine dating back to 2004. The transition to Source 2, which was first launched in 2014, will be huge for the game and its community. It is likely to feature improved graphics accuracy as well as much-needed optimizations.

The game will also - similar to Valorant - feature 128-tick servers and feature a new and improved matchmaking system.

Counter-Strike 2 skins

If you have some stock in CS:GO skins, you're probably wondering what the switch to Source 2 means for you. While we haven't received a concrete response from Valve about this yet, 'Gabefollower', who has been following the development of Counter-Strike 2 for a while, says "your skins will be fine" and everything you own will be available for use. in new version.

Given that the best CS:GO skins and CS:GO crates often earn the company millions each year, it's unlikely that Valve will make any changes to the skin system.

Counter-Strike 2 release date rumors, details and more

Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 and Xbox?

Will Counter-Strike 2 have a PS5 or Xbox port? This is unlikely. While CS:GO did indeed have an Xbox port, it was left largely unsupported after its release.

Much of Valve's effort went into maintaining and improving the PC version of the game, and that will likely be the case with Counter-Strike 2.

We'll update this guide if we hear anything different.

Counter-Strike 2 news

According to Lewis' report, Counter-Strike 2 has been in the works for a while and is a priority for Valve. The team includes brains from a wider range, and their focus on that may explain why some bugs in CS:GO have been left unattended for a while.

It's very close to launch and has reportedly been tested by a group of CS:GO experts at Valve's headquarters in Seattle.

As for whether there will be a new game, the jury is out on that. It probably won't be a new game, just an update to the original.

We'll find out soon though. The beta is reportedly coming soon, making it an exciting time to be a Counter-Strike fan. If you can't wait to dive into the Source 2 version of the game, be sure to dust off your CS:GO reticle and practice clicking heads.

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