Diablo 4: Switching and using two-handed weapons

Diablo 4: Switching and using two-handed weapons

Diablo 4: Switching and using two-handed weapons

Can't swap weapons? Check out our guide on switching weapons and using two-handed weapons in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 offers a wealth of weapons and skills to choose from for your respective classes. But unlike the previous entries, swapping your weapons in Diablo IV works differently. While you can equip multiple weapons on your character, switching is tied to the abilities assigned to them. So check out our guide on how to swap weapons in Diablo 4 and how to use two-handed weapons.

How to Switch Weapons in Diablo 4 (Explained)

Diablo 4: Switching and using two-handed weapons

You can switch weapons in Diablo 4 by using the skills that use the type of weapon you want to switch to. For example, if you want to dual-wield weapons, you must use the skill that "requires dual-wielded weapons." But before you switch or trade weapons in Diablo IV, you'll need to unlock the various abilities for your classes. You can do this by leveling up and selecting a skill in the Skill Tree section.

For example, several other barbarian skills require unlocking specific types of weapons. However, some abilities may prompt to only require physical damage. In such cases, you can let the weapon system choose the best weapons for those abilities. You can find the required weapon type by hovering over the skills on your hotbar. From there, you can choose appropriate skills by equipping them on your hotkey.

So, here's how you can add different weapons to your skills via hotkey:

  • Open your skills tab in the character menu.
  • Press the Ability Assign button (or L3 button for consoles).
  • This will bring up the Skills section, which will highlight all the skills you've unlocked so far.
  • Select the skill and drag it onto the hotbar on the preferred hotkey you want to use.

Note that you can unlock more skill slots by increasing your level in Diablo 4. Once you hover over the skills on your hotbar, you can press the MMB to toggle and swap between weapons. On consoles, you can use the X or Square button to switch weapons. If you can't cycle through the applicable weapon types, it's because the skill requires a specific weapon type.

Handling two-handed weapons

Similar to the mechanic above, you can use the two-handed weapons by using a skill that “requires two-handed weapons” in Diablo 4. For barbarian classes, you can unlock the rage skill called Upvheal. This skill requires a two-handed weapon equipped. When this skill is equipped, it automatically switches to both weapons when used.

So hover over the unlocked skills to see which of them require two-handed weapons. Then just unlock those abilities for the weapon types you want to equip in Diablo IV.

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