Elden Ring Best Rune Farms (Locations)

Elden Ring Best Rune Farms (Locations)

Elden Ring Best Rune Farms (Locations)

Check out our guide to find out the best Elden Ring farming spots for runes.

On your way to becoming the ultimate Elden Lord, you must collect a large amount of runes. As the sole in-game currency and experience points, runes are hard to come by, but fairly easy to lose. This has led several dedicated Souls players to look for the best places to farm the runes. If you're just starting out, you'll need to defeat simple creatures, bosses, and enemies to earn runes. Don't worry, we've rounded up the best rune farming spots and locations. So check out our guide to finding the best rune farming spots in Elden Ring.

The Best Rune Farms in Elden Ring (All Locations)

We've divided this guide into three main sections. These are as follows:

  • Best Farming Spots for Early Game
  • Best farming spots for mid-game
  • Best farming spots for late game

Best Elden Ring Farming Spots for Early Game

Starting with the first, these are the farm locations that are easy to beat. Players from level 1 to 35 can go to these locations to farm runes.

So, here are the best rune farming spots to visit during the early game:

Gatefront Ruins

  • The enemies in this location are pretty easy to defeat.
  • You can find the Lone Wolves, Godrick Soldier, Godrick Knight, and several Wandering Nobles in the Gatefront Ruins.
  • If you're having trouble defeating them, we recommend using your Necromancer or Ash.
  1. Total Runes: Farm 1,224 runes per run (if you defeat Godrick Soldier).

Limgrave Tower Bridge, Place of Grace

  • Farm three Golems once you defeat Margit, the Cruel Omen.
  1. Total Runes: Farm 3,117 runes per run.

You can also read our guide on how to get infinite runes with a rune farming exploit.

Best farming spots for mid-game

Elden Ring Best Rune Farms (Locations)

This is a farm site best suited for players between level 36-75.

Lenne's rise

Here is a rune farming place where you don't have to fight enemies or bosses for runes. All you have to do is ride the Horse Torrent and save yourself from a wrecking ball.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go down the slope where a ball will knock you down.
  • Instead of going straight, turn right and wait for the ball to fall down the slope.
  • If you keep walking, you'll see an identical incoming ball right next to the tree.
  • You can take the tree for cover and wait for the ball to go down the slope.
  1. Total Runes: Farm 3,904 runes per run.

Considering that this farming place isn't about fighting any hardcore enemies, it's pretty easy to farm a lot of runes here.

Best farming spots for late game

Below are the rune farming spots best suited for players above level 76:

  • Dragonbarrow Fork, Place of Mercy
  • From Grace, climb the hillside and fight 16 poisoned guards.
  • These Guardian enemies treat the Poison status effect and have a health bar of 983 HP.
  • So defeating these poisoned guardians will not be an easy task.
  1. Total Runes: Farm 18,122 runes per run.

prayer room, place of grace

  • From the Grace, go to the northern opening and knock out several knights around the wall.
  • Head down the room to find two more powerful and harder to beat knights.
  • You can fast travel to the prayer room, the place of mercy, to farm more runes.
  1. Total Runes: Farm more than 30,000 runes per run.

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