Elden Ring Boiled Crab: How to Buy and Use

Elden Ring Boiled Crab: How to Buy and Use

Elden Ring Boiled Crab: How to Buy and Use

Check out our guide on how to get and use Boiled Crab at Elden Ring.

Elden Ring contains various types of different consumables and items that restore your health. Boiled Crab is an improved or better version of Boiled Shrimp that can increase your physical damage block. This means you can deal longer with attacks from fearsome enemies. However, when looking for this unique consumable, players cannot find it anywhere in the Lands Between. Don't worry, check out our guide on how to buy and use Boiled Crab in Elden Ring.

How to Cook Crab in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Boiled Crab: How to Buy and Use

You can only get Boiled Crab from Blackguard Big Boogart or the Shrimp Man known to many players in Elden Ring. However, for this you must continue the Rya questline. Blackguard Big Boogart is introduced as the thief who stole Rya's Necklace. You can find and face him at the Boilprawn Shack in the marshes of Liurnia of Lakes. It is located north of Scenic Isle where Grace is located.

While talking to the Shrimp Man, he will ask you to buy the stolen Necklace or leave. If you refuse to buy it and kill it, you will not be able to buy Boiled Shrimp or Crab in the future. On the contrary, if you buy Rya's Necklace for 1000 Rune, you can buy Boiled Shrimp from it. You can buy Boiled Prawns from the same place for 600 Rune. After purchasing the boiled shrimp, Blackguard Big Boogart will move to a different location.

You can now find it in the Outer Ditch near the Capital Rampart in Leyndell. When you interact and talk to him, he would also be selling Boiled Crab this time. You can refer to the picture above for the exact location. Now you can go to this place to buy Boiled Crab and Shrimp. You can buy Boiled Crabs from him in Capital Outskirts for 600 Runes. When you complete the questline, you can offer the Blackguard's Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks to purchase Boiled Crab and Shrimp. You can purchase both unique consumables for the same price for 600 Rune.

Note that going to Volcano Mansion in Liurnia of the Lakes without speaking to Rya will render the Shrimp Man questline inaccessible. This also results in forfeiting the purchase of Boiled Crab and Shrimp. You can find Rya under the Stone structure in Liurnia of the Lakes next to the Eyelet Telescope.

How to Use Boiled Crab?

You can use the Boiled Crab by equipping it from the Inventory menu.

  • Boiled Crab significantly increases physical damage block by +20%.
  • It has a cooldown of 60 seconds.
  • As it is a Body Buff, this consumable is non-additive and cannot be stacked.
  • Although we don't recommend it, you can sell Boiled Crabs and Shrimps for 50 Rune.

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