How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

Get the pistol in SOTF - The island in Sons of the Forest game is full of dangerous enemies and creatures, so you should always be equipped with the best weapons to take them down and survive. Since this is a survival-based game, it's best to explore the island with a weapon in your inventory.

The pistol in Sons of the Forest is an essential weapon in your inventory, and having a firearm will make your life on the island easier. This pistol is powerful but has limited ammo that you can use. The ammo is rare and must be salvaged from the island. This is not a run and gun game so don't shoot everything as you will run out of bullets sooner than expected. In this article we will tell you how to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest.

How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest?

To get the pistol in the Sons of the Forest game you must first travel to the location marked in purple. First, take out your GPS locator and you will find an area with a purple marker. The marked location is on the far left of your GPS. Keep in mind that there are other purple markers on the map, but the one with the pistol isn't on land. Instead, it's on the water, and you have to travel a certain distance from the helicopter's crash point to get there. Here is the exact location:

How to get a pistol in Sons of the Forest

It would be best if you move towards the location before the exact location is shown on your GPS. Always take enough healing items with you, because you will need them. The gun is housed in an orange inflatable boat and is guarded by the sharks. So handle it with care.

Since sharks are guarding the gun in the water, make sure you have enough stamina to swim fast. Luckily, the sharks don't attack you right away, and even if they do, it will take a smaller chunk of your health. However, we advise you not to stop swimming until you reach the boat ladder. Press the E button to climb the ladder and get to the boat.

Once inside the boat, look down and you'll find the pistol. Please pick it up by pressing the E key on your keyboard. On the boat, if you're injured, heal yourself before diving back into the water, as the sharks might attack you if they see you. Keep in mind that you cannot use the pistol right away and you need to get the ammo for it.

How to get pistol ammo in SOTF

In order to look for pistol ammo, you must return to the island and start exploring. The ammo cannot be crafted, and your only option is to find it in the caves while looting and exploring the marked locations on the map. Orbs can also be found in the crates near the points of interest. If you think the pistol isn't your thing, hand it to your companion, Virginia, who doesn't need bullet-firing ammo.

So this was all about how to get pistol and pistol ammo in Sons of the Forest.

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