How to Kill Demons in Sons Of The Forest (Exorcise Guide)

How to Kill Demons in Sons Of The Forest (Exorcise Guide)

How to Kill Demons in Sons Of The Forest (Exorcise Guide)

Here's how to defend yourself when you encounter a demon in Sons of the Forest.

One of the many enemies you will encounter in Sons of the Forest is Demons. Don't worry, these are endgame enemies but that doesn't make them any less scary. You find them in caves that contain lava, so they have a good amount of lava immunity. These enemies are rather skinny and their fingers fused from their hands. Likewise, their toes are fused on their legs. But surprisingly there is a simple way to deal with them. Here's how you can slay demons in Sons of the Woods.

How to Kill Demons in Sons of the Forest

How to Kill Demons in Sons Of The Forest (Exorcise Guide)

The only way to Kill Demons is to burn them using the cross. When you first get a cross, you may not be sure of its use. As it is a very small and weak looking weapon to use against most enemies. But that's the trick, it may not be useful against most enemies except one. And these enemies are Demons. Here's what to do when you encounter a demon:

  • Equip the Cross by pressing I to open your inventory. If you added it to your bag, you can quickly place it.
  • As soon as a demon rushes to attack you, attack it with the cross.
  • This will start to burn him and you will even hear his screams.
  • This doesn't kill him yet, the demon might fall a little to the ground. But the demon is still fighting a little inside.
  • To completely defeat the demon, you must attack with the cross at least three times in total.

A tip that will help you kill him faster, you should try to be close to him. Demons have a very good range when attacking you. However, you cannot attack them from afar. So being closer to someone will help you get the job done faster.

Where to Find the Cross to Defeat Demons

You can find the cross in the northeastern bunker of the island near the coast. Before that, make sure you get the Maintenance Key Card from Maintenance cover A. Since it will be necessary to access the bunker. I suggest you check out our detailed guide on how to get the Cross.

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