How to perform combos in WWE 2K23

How to perform combos in WWE 2K23

How to perform combos in WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 Combos – WWE 2K23 is a Martial Arts game that is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. The series includes a new combat system that simplifies the combo button order and has bought it down to button-press-like controls so they can take more players under their wing this year. WWE 2K22 made a comeback and 2K23 has improved dramatically with the addition of new 3v3 and 4v4 war modes.

The new WWE 2K23 offers many light, heavy and grappling combos that you can use during the fight against the players. Mastering these combos is a necessity to complete challenges and win games. But if you're not sure how to start, this article will help you.

How to perform combos in WWE 2K23

How to perform combos in WWE 2K23

There are three different combos you can pull off in WWE 2K23. You are the

  • Light combos
  • Heavy combos
  • Grab combos

How to perform a light combo in WWE 2K23

Performing light combos is easy and you only need to press a single button. For a Light combo, you can tap the X button for Xbox or the Square button for PlayStation multiple times. Start spamming the X or Square buttons to start your light combos.

How to perform a heavy combo in WWE 2K23

However, heavy combos require the use of a combination of different keys. When heavy combos are used in WWE 2K23, they are usually followed by a series of button presses, ending with either an A for Xbox or X for PlayStation. For example, the patterns would look like this: X+X+X+A on Xbox and Square+Square+Square+A for PlayStation users.

How to perform Grab Combo in WWE 2K23

Grab combos require you to press a combination of different keys, including either B for Xbox or Circle for Playstation. But you may be wondering why these combinations are so important. Well, every fighter has their own unique move set. You can see this by going into the pause menu during gameplay and seeing every moveset by that player. This will help you understand what type of wrestler you use in the fight.

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