In Call of Duty's latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

In Call of Duty's latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

In Call of Duty's latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

A new map, weapon and party modes arrived in Modern Warfare 2 today.

There's a widespread narrative among Call of Duty fans (opens in new tab) that standard 6v6 Call of Duty isn't getting as much attention as its free-to-play battle royale cousin Warzone 2 from Activision. With map updates, franchise transition modes, and frequent balance changes, those who play Call of Duty the old-fashioned way (and pay $70 to do so) are content with the occasional new map, weapon, and playlist update.

For once, the traditional 6v6 Call of Duty is getting more love on patch day. Modern Warfare 2's Season 2 Reloaded patch (opens in new tab) today packs a new "core" multiplayer map, the next installment of MW2's co-op raid, a new M4-based DMR, and its second drop. party modes to lighten the mood after a graded night out.

Here is the summary:

  • New map: Himmelmatt Expo
  • New weapon: Tempus Torrent Sniper Rifle (can also be used in Warzone)
  • Atomgrad co-op raid part 2
  • Party modes: One in Room, All or Nothing, Drop Zone
  • Warzone anniversary camouflages
  • Path of the Ronin event camouflage challenges
  • Party queue feature

In Call of Duty's latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

Activision surprised Modern Warfare 2 players last month when it announced that a 6v6 map would be coming ahead of schedule in season 2, presumably to allay complaints about the premium side of CoD.

The Call of Duty Twitter account tweeted at the time (opens in new tab), "The @InfinityWard MP team has decided to move the map up as it's already playing good test and following ahead of schedule."

This map is today's Himmelmatt Expo, a modernist chalet chalet filled with blues, browns, and grays. Between the meeting rooms and reception counters there is a bar, restaurant and pool, so you can tell it's a realistic trade show hall built for business trips that are actually holidays. I guess they'll have to add bullet holes and RPG craters to the brochure.

If not a single new map does it for you, maybe you'll have fun with the Tempus Torrent sniper rifle, a one-shot shooter that joins the existing M4 weapon tree. It has a 20-round base magazine and reportedly a fast rate of fire, a winning combination for a DMR hoping to compete with full-auto rifles, but Activision says you'll need to struggle with "a noticeable kick and left-handedness." "

In Call of Duty's latest update, Modern Warfare 2 got all the love

Luckily, you'll probably be able to equip the Tempus with full attachments right away. As an M4 platform gun, most unlocked grips, sights, and stocks for these guns carry over to it. Typically new CoD weapons can only be unlocked in the battle pass at first, but since this comes in the middle of a season, you'll need to get 25 double kills with sniper rifles (or buy a Tempus cosmetic pack from the store). get it early). This is a pretty steep challenge! Sniper rifles aren't the fastest weapons after all, so multiple kills can be a struggle, but with a bit of luck and a good campsite, you can make it through an afternoon or two.

These party mods also sound pretty fun. All or Nothing starts everyone off with an empty pistol and throwing knives. Gain perks by scoring kills "starting with Scavenger Perk to allow ammo collection".

Drop Zone sounds like Headquarters that dropped the care pack, which is meh, but I'm most excited for the return of a Blacks Ops classic: One in the Chamber. The rules are simple: bullets kill in one hit and everyone has one. Kills grant a new bullet (including melee). Some Call of Duty traditions feel outdated and tired (like kill streaks), but party modes never go out of style.

In the footnotes of today's patch, there is a new social feature that seems extremely useful. With the "party queue", you can join a friend's party while they are in a match in progress and automatically join them when the match is over. It's never fun to refresh the social tab until the "join the party" button is finally available, so it's a win. Overwatch 2 has this feature for a long time, you can watch your friend's match while you wait in that game, so switch to that Activision.

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