Diablo 4 transmog system explained

Diablo 4 transmog system explained

Diablo 4 transmog system explained

Diablo 4 Transmog - If you're looking to find out how to use the transmog system in Diablo 4 then look no further we've got you covered. It seems like yesterday that we couldn't wait and play for the release of Diablo Immortal. And with that, the 4th part of the Diablo series is supposed to appear, and the hype is immense. The latest Diablo series brings you many new features introduced in the upcoming RPG, all set for release on June 6th, 2023.

One of the new features that the game would have is the transmog system, which basically allows you to change your character's appearance and personalize it to your liking. The following guide will show you how to use this transmog system and equip cosmetics.

How can you use the transmog system in Diablo 4?

The first and most important thing to access is the wardrobe. You can find it in the Kyshovad Inn at Fractured Peaks. Here you can personalize your character's armor pieces and other items, also without losing the stats with the transmog system.

Diablo 4 transmog system explained

If you are looking for newer designs, you must first go to the blacksmith. Once there, click on the option "Unlock new skin on salvage". This option is right next to a small pickaxe icon. After that you need to go to the Appearance tab in the Wardrobe. From there, select one of the available salvaged designs for each gear slot.

For faster access to your favorite outfit, save your cosmetic loadout in the Ensemble tab. However, remember that while your appearance changes, it doesn't affect your stats at all. You also have a few variants to choose from. They are:

  • default look
  • Bare look
  • Other unlocked looks

That's all you need to know about the transmog system in Diablo 4. I hope that the guide has been of help to you. With the June 6 release, you may have questions about whether or not you can get it in Game Pass, or whether there will be coop multiplayer in the game.

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