Golden Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Golden Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Golden Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In order for you to complete the Egg Hunt Request in Resident Evil 4 Remake game, you need to find the golden chicken egg. The golden chicken egg is not the easiest thing in the game. This is because you have no idea where he is. They are very valuable and rare in the game. You can eat them both to quickly replenish your health and sell them to the merchant for a nice amount of pesetas. Also, you need to find one of these eggs to complete a special trader request. Although regular chicken eggs are easy to find anywhere, the golden ones are quite rare.

So, in the guide below, you will learn where is the best place to find a golden chicken egg in the game. Continue reading!

Golden Chicken Egg Location in RE4 Remake

The best place for you to find a golden chicken egg in the game would probably be the small piece of land that is on the east side of the lake. To get there you have to use the motor boat. So, before you continue searching for the golden chicken egg, make sure you have access to it. Here is the exact location:

Golden Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Later in the game you may also find another Golden Chicken Egg. However, since they are quite rare, we recommend that you only go to the location mentioned above, as that was the only place we were able to find it.

Using Gold Chicken Egg

Golden Chicken Eggs, as mentioned above, are used to fulfill a specific trader request. This is basically the game version of the side missions, and the merchant request here is called "Egg Hunt". Players are instructed to sell a golden chicken egg and are rewarded with 3 spinels. It can be exchanged for useful items.

However, if you haven't found this request by now, go to the western exit of Mural Cave, which is there on the south side of the map. You can pick it up there. You'll find it in the form of a blue leaf attached to a wall. This would be next to where you docked your boat.

When you have completed this request, the best thing to do with golden chicken eggs is to sell them to the merchant. Each of these eggs will set you back 9,000 pesetas, and that's a pretty decent price.

The next best thing to do with them is eat them to replenish your health.

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