Here is the final gameplay trailer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Here is the final gameplay trailer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Here is the final gameplay trailer of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Also, a breakdown of Respawn's Stig Asmussen in the final trailer of Survivor.

As part of Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have released a new final gameplay trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor(opens in new tab), the sequel to 2019's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order(opens into newtab ). The upcoming action RPG will be released on April 28th, and this is apparently the last trailer you'll get before it comes out. So if you're so hard on the Jedi hype train that you'll probably die without a steady marketing drip feed, then I'm guessing watch about 6 seconds a day for the next 18 days. I did the math for you. You're welcome.

Anyway, it's a pretty cool trailer that wraps up Cal Kestis' struggle to figure out how to survive underground as a Jedi in the age of the Galactic Empire. Narrated by Cere Junda, a Jedi mentoring trainee Cal, the trailer consists mostly of gameplay footage and cinematics with no UI, along with some pre-rendered bits.

In the trailer, Cal fights a variety of enemies, such as stormtroopers, AT-ST armored walkers, robots, and a variety of alien beasts, and there's some cool looking speeder bike combat. He's also fighting a rancor - because obviously it's a Star War, so there's going to be a rancor at some point. The trailer also shows some fighting alongside an NPC.

In an interview posted alongside the trailer, Respawn's Stig Asmussen detailed the accompanying gameplay. "It's really about seeing Cal and his companions - like Bode Akuna, like Merrin - fighting side by side, solving puzzles and navigating the different planets they travel to. A lot of what we've shown so far, there's those cinematic flourishes, like takedowns, that you see in terms of combat, but I want to emphasize that there are also support mechanics that the player can use to get their friends in to summon the heat of battle with the push of a button. and these unleash special attacks. We capped it with a cooldown, but using these types of buddy tools will help players overcome tricky scenarios in battle," he said.

Asmussen also said he thought players would enjoy how much larger the scope of the game is.

"It's really about creating great systems that allow our designers to do things and our artists to do things that we really didn't think of. It's about creating a bigger box. We still have a box, but the box is bigger and what we can do inside is a lot more than in the first game," he said.

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