The simple Resident Evil 4 handcannon method is bad for mercenary mode

The simple Resident Evil 4 handcannon method is bad for mercenary mode

The simple Resident Evil 4 handcannon method is bad for mercenary mode

Using the right weapon as Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 is a matter of survival. Some fans claim that the Resident Evil 4 Handcannon can be acquired easily.

If we were in Leon Kennedy's boots, we'd also be on the lookout for ultra-powerful weapons. Fighting the Los Iluminados cult in Resident Evil 4 often feels brutal, but it's still a terrifying endeavor when you're running low on ammo. However, defeating any fiendish foe can be a breeze with the Resident Evil 4 Handcannon. With the introduction of Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries mode, veteran RE players band together to navigate the mayhem together.

Over on the Resident Evil 4 subreddit, fans of the RE4 remake are pooling their knowledge to beat the game as efficiently as possible. Redditor 'Zairy47' explains that "The hand cannon is hard to get...but you can get it by getting S rank in all 3 Mercenary tiers."

While this may seem like a daunting task, the avid Resident Evil 4 Remake fan says they "finished Hardcore yesterday [...] so I just played Mercenaries and S with Leon in Village, Luis in Castle and Krauser in." Got Iceland... got a message [that] I unlocked Hunk [...] then got a message saying I can buy the hand cannon in the bonus shop."

It is usually unlocked by completing the game on professional difficulty without using bonus weapons. However, the introduction of Mercenaries mode means it's much easier to acquire. The hand cannon is a very powerful revolver sidearm that can do one-shot damage in most situations.

YouTuber "Gaming With Griff Griffin" also confirms this new methodology. "Mercenary mode gives you an alternate way to unlock the hand cannon and like I said, it's a much easier time [for players]. This thing is now within reach of the average gamer," says the YouTuber. As long as players get an S rank in all three phases of the RE4 Mercenary Mode, you're on your way to pistol heaven.

Each character in Mercenaries mode also has their own special ability, making slicing through enemies and earning that coveted S rank a breeze. Redditor "KamiAth" echoes the YouTuber's methods, saying, "It's very simple, you can even die and still keep the score, unlike old RE4-6 Mercs. The new highest rank is S++.”

So what are you waiting for? The hand cannon is up for grabs and you won't want to waste time trying to get hold of it. Combine it with the Resident Evil 4 Infinite Ammo Upgrade and you will be unstoppable.

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